Can we give 10 stars???

Recently, my car was totaled by a school bus. I had no idea what pain or injuries could be caused by the stress of an accident, nor what steps I needed to take to protect myself. I reached out to Midwest Chiropractic, Dr. Manz who showed me x-rays showing exactly how out of whack my spine was, and put me on treatment which has greatly relieved my pain, has improved my walking & mobility & has let me turn my neck far enough to see in that “blind spot” again. Why did I wait at all to seek treatment??? Additionally, Dr. Manz was able to provide me with a list of reputable attorneys to assist me in being “made whole” again. That was definitely above and beyond the call of duty!! (Did you know school buses & government vehicles have immunity from paying for the accidents they cause???) Talk about stress! The staff is unbeatable and they eased both my physical & mental well being!!! Can we give 10 stars???

Shelley K.