What is a workplace injury?

A workplace injury is any injury you experience at work or on the job. Frequently, workplace injuries are the result of a fall, physical overexertion, or repeated stress to one or more joints or muscles. You might experience back strains and muscle spasms from heavy lifting, or be injured by dangerous equipment in your workplace.

Other workplace injuries include issues that arise from repeated activities or motion such as sitting at a desk, standing all day, or working on an assembly line. These conditions can cause leg pain, back pain, headaches, neck pain, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Manz specializes in treating workplace injuries and conditions naturally, noninvasively, and without dependency on pain medications that could impair your ability to do your job.

Can a chiropractor relieve my foot or leg pain?

Men and women who stand all day at work often develop foot and leg conditions that make it painful to work or prevent them from doing their job. Chronic foot pain can lead to knee, leg, and hip pain if your body is having difficulty supporting itself due to foot pain. Chiropractic care focuses on relieving inflammation, minimizing pain from where it starts, and bringing balance back to your feet.

Dr. Manz corrects your foot or leg pain in order to restore a strong foundation to support your body. He may prescribe custom, stabilizing foot orthotics that help with proper alignment when you stand for long periods of time. Additionally, Dr. Manz may recommend nutrition counseling to help you eliminate extra weight that could be adding to your foot and leg pain.

How does a chiropractor treat workplace injuries?

As with any injury or chronic condition, Dr. Manz first determines what’s causing your pain or discomfort. Gentle chiropractic adjustments of your spine, neck, shoulders, elbows, or any affected joint can help your body begin to heal itself. Once your spine is in proper alignment, you get relief from pain.

Because Dr. Manz is certified by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, he is experienced in developing an individualized treatment plan that focuses on reducing pain and rehabilitating your body so you can recover full mobility and live without pain. Your treatment plan may include chiropractic adjustments, physical therapies, lifestyle changes, or knee braces and foot orthotics.

For relief from workplace injuries, call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Manz, one of the leading healthcare providers in the Columbus area.