Physical Rehabilitation Specialist

Here at Midwest Chiropractic Center, located in Columbus, OH, we know how to integrate in-office physical rehabilitation into your recovery plan so you can enjoy optimum wellness and range of motion in the years to come.


Physical Rehabilitation
by Peter Manz, DC

Help for Lower Back Problems, Neck Pain, Headaches and More

Whether you’ve suffered an injury in the workplace, an auto accident, a sports injury, or chronic pain and weakness following a period of disability, chiropractic manipulation can be a powerful force in your efforts to feel better. But even after your spine has been properly adjusted and the pressure has been taken away from impinged nerves, you may still have a ways to go toward rebuilding or training your muscles and connective tissues for correct function. Here at Midwest Chiropractic Center, we know how to integrate in-office physical rehabilitation into your recovery plan so you can enjoy optimum wellness and range of motion in the years to come.

A structural abnormality or misalignment in the spinal column can cause pain, stiffness, and a vulnerability to injury in just about any part of your body — including, of course, your back and neck. That’s because every nerve branches outward from large nerve roots connected directly to the spinal cord. When an imbalance in the spine puts pressure on the nerve roots, pain results. At the same time, postural abnormalities put extra strain on some muscles while leaving other muscles to waste away. Correcting the spinal alignment, therefore, is only half the battle — we must also normalize the strength and flexibility of the muscles that support your skeleton and the connective tissues that allow those muscles to move freely.

We often prescribe physical rehab exercises as a critical component in treating low back pain, neck pain, and headaches. The spinal column must have strong support from the large muscles that hold it upright and maintain the chiropractic corrections we have made. Core training exercises, for instance, focus on building strength and increasing range of motion in your lower lumbar, hip, pelvic, and lower abdominal regions. These exercises may involve simple leg lifts or hip rotations, or they may involve balancing the body on simple tools such as yoga balls.

We also prescribe upper-body exercises such as neck rotations and shoulder rolls to bolster the cervical spine (where so many neck problems and headaches originate). The stronger your soft tissues become, the easier it will be for your body to remain properly aligned. This will also help to protect it against future cases of acute injury or chronic pain.

We Work With Workers Compensation and Insurance

Physical rehab is especially important in workers compensation cases. Your ability to return to your job may depend on regaining the fullest possible function, and the right exercise program is critical for getting your muscles back into working order before adhesions (lumps of confining scar tissue) can set in and impede their ability to move. Our over 26 years of experience in workers compensation treatment make Midwest Chiropractic Center an ideal place to get well. Even if you’re relying on other forms of coverage, we’re in-network with a variety of major carriers. Contact us for own personal “whole body” rehab/recovery program.