Personal Injury Specialist
Our Columbus chiropractors at the Midwest Chiropractic Center have over two decades of providing pain relief and injury rehabilitation. If you’ve suffered a Columbus personal injury or work injury, call us or request an appointment online.


Personal Injury
by Peter Manz, DC
A Columbus personal injury or work injury can cause anything from chronic headaches to severe back pain. Our Columbus chiropractors are experienced in providing targeted chiropractic care for personal injury and workers compensation patients. A personal injury usually refers to broken bones or soft tissue damage that is caused by the negligence of another person. The most typical examples are tripping, slipping or falling on somebody else’s property. Sometimes a personal injury may be the result of a product defect that causes harm, such as an unstable ladder that causes you to fall. Certain sports injuries may also fall under this category if an opposing player willfully acts to inflict damage.

One advantage that most patients appreciate is that chiropractic care is a non-invasive way of treating their injuries. Our Columbus chiropractor may use hands-on manipulations and spinal adjustments to treat any headache or back pain caused by a personal injury. Spinal manipulations work to bring the spine back into alignment and reduce pressure on nerves that may be causing pain in other parts of your body. Massage therapy is also helpful in reducing swelling, relaxing tightened muscles, rehabilitating injured joints, and restoring the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. We will also recommend corrective exercises to improve your core strength, improve your flexibility and increase the range of motion for muscles and joints that may have stiffened during your recovery.