Neck Pain Specialist

About 20% of American adults report that chronic pain keeps them awake at night several times a week. Dr. Peter Manz of Midwest Chiropractic Center LLC in Columbus, Ohio, wants to get to the underlying cause of your neck pain so you can sleep better every night. Dr. Manz has nearly three decades of experience diagnosing and treating patients in the greater Columbus area for neck pain and many other spinal conditions. He and his expertly trained staff offer a comprehensive approach to natural pain management in a welcoming environment.


Neck Pain Q & A
by Peter Manz, DC

What causes neck pain?

Your neck, the cervical spine, is a complex network of nerves, bones, joints, and muscles that extends from your skull to your upper torso. It’s designed for strength, movement, and stability, and keeps your head upright. Any time you have inflammation, injury, or irritated muscles, ligaments, or cartilage, you experience neck pain and stiffness. If you irritate the nerves in your neck, your pain may extend into your shoulders, arms, back, or all the way into your legs.

The most common causes of neck pain are:

  • Poor posture
  • Sleeping in an incorrect position
  • Whiplash from a car accident
  • Arthritis, worn joints, or herniated discs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Sports injuries

How is neck pain treated?

How Dr. Manz treats your neck pain depends on what’s causing it. After a careful examination and an initial diagnosis, Dr. Manz recommends an individualized treatment plan that functions to relieve your immediate symptoms and prevent long-term pain and discomfort without the use of medications. Instead, all the techniques Dr. Manz and his team use are natural, noninvasive, and gentle therapies.

Your neck pain treatment may include:

  • Exercises or stretches
  • Massage therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Spinal adjustment with the Impulse Adjusting Instrument®

Is it possible to get long-term relief from chronic neck pain?

It’s possible to get long-term pain relief even if you’ve been suffering from chronic neck pain for years. If your neck pain is the result of a condition that stems from problems in your cervical spine, Dr. Manz and the team at Midwest Chiropractic Center LLC may recommend a series of spinal adjustments to put your spine back into its correct position. When your neck is out of alignment and discs press on the nerves, you feel pain.

Gentle, hands-on chiropractic adjustments can reduce the joint dysfunctions occurring in your neck and help relieve the pressure on your nerves. With regular adjustments, many adults feel long-term relief from pain that otherwise, they believed they just had to live with or have corrected surgically. Dr. Manz believes in applying all-natural, noninvasive, corrective spinal methods as alternatives to medications or dangerous surgeries.

Call the office or schedule an appointment online if you’ve been suffering from neck pain and want natural pain relief.