The holiday season is finally upon us! While this is certainly a wonderful time of year, gathering with family and friends and enjoying each other’s company, it also can be one of the most common times of year that people need to seek out a local chiropractor upon returning home.


While this may sound strange, the holidays can take a toll on your body due to the variety of activities you partake in that you don’t usually throughout other parts of the year. Let’s dive into some of the occurrences specific to the holiday season that can lead to neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and other concerns that call for chiropractic care. If you feel you could use a chiropractic adjustment or any other form of chiropractic treatment in Columbus, reach out to our specialists today or request an appointment online!


Holiday Traditions That Can Lead To Needing A Chiropractor


Carrying Heavy Bags

While you might be an avid shopper year-round, holiday shopping takes things to an entirely new level. Whether out during Black Friday or last minute on Christmas Eve, you’re likely running around with a handful of bags in each arm at some point in time. Outside of shopping, carrying heavy bags is common on holiday flights to visit family, as you must carry your own luggage accompanied by all the gifts you just bought. Any of these instances can lead to serious strain on your back when your body isn’t accustomed to lugging bulk shopping bags throughout the mall or rushing through the airport to catch a flight with a train of luggage on a frequent basis.


On Your Feet Constantly

Whether it’s helping with the cooking, going to your child’s chorus recital, or being at that one friend or family’s holiday party who never seems to have enough chairs for everyone, you’re likely on your feet for longer lengths of time than usual during the holiday season. This can lead to lower back strain, and over time your facet joints and disks can also begin to wear.


Holiday Decorating

This is a part of the holidays that can be exciting yet also very demanding on your body. From dangling off ladders to hang Christmas lights around the roof of your home to awkwardly carrying in the Christmas tree, digging through the attic for holiday boxes, and everything in between, it’s easy to see how this can wear your body out. Once the season has come to an end and you’ve packed up all your holiday decorations for next year, we highly recommend taking a visit to your local chiropractor to start the new year off right.


Long Car And Plane Rides

If the holidays mean spending some quality time with family in the car or in hectic airports and planes, you’re likely going to experience some back and neck pain along the way. From trying to awkwardly sleep in the middle seat of the plane or rest your head on the window of the car, sitting in these uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time and not moving can lead to just as many aches and pains as over-exerting your body can, if not more. While you can ask for medicine to get you by in the meantime upon your arrival, once you’re back home we highly recommend visiting your local chiropractor for a more permanent solution.


Sleeping In Guest Beds

If you take a trip back home to your parents’ house or go elsewhere for your holiday traditions, the odds are slim that you are given your preferred sleeping accommodations. From pull-out couches to futons, blow-up mattresses, or anything outside of your own comfy bed, the holidays can often lead to nights of tossing and turning and inadequate sleep. On top of this, your lower back will experience a constant soreness throughout the day as you go about the other holiday activities which already take a toll upon it. So once you get back home to the comfort of your own bed in Columbus, or wherever home is, give a call to your local chiropractor for an adjustment or massage therapy.


Slips On Ice

If you’re in Columbus for the holiday season or anywhere else that experiences some frigid winters, you are likely prone to a few spills on the icy roads, sidewalks, or stairs throughout this time of year. Rather than simply forgetting after the fact, take note of any accident, swerve, or sudden braking you experience in order to determine how it impacts you later on. If you end up feeling the repercussions in your back, neck, or shoulders after the holiday season, be sure to make a trip to the chiropractic clinic.


Winter Sports

If you’re like many families in Columbus, you might take annual ski trips out West to the Rockies or East to the Green Mountains of Vermont. Those twists and turns on the mountain can certainly take a toll on your body, especially if you’re a bit out of practice. At Midwest Chiropractic, we have many patients stop by our office after their winter vacations to relieve their back pain and ensure everything is as it should be.


No matter what your holiday season consists of, it’s likely that your body could use a break once it’s all said and done. At Midwest Chiropractic, we help people of all ages find whole body relief and live happier, healthier lives. If you want to feel refreshed going into the new year, book an appointment at our Columbus chiropractic clinic online today and receive our new patient special!