Your First Visit to Our Workers Comp Clinic in Columbus OH

There’s nothing like knowing you’re on your way toward experiencing relief and recovery from your painful work-related injury — especially when our worker’s compensation doctor in Columbus OH, Dr. Manz, offers safe, natural, non-surgical treatment options to put you on the mend. At the same time, however, you may feel a bit confused or even intimidated if you’ve never visited a workers comp clinic before.

But don’t worry, because our many years of experience in such cases, coupled with our genuine care for your comfort and convenience, can help you through the initial process. Let’s start by discussing what to expect from your first appointment at Midwest Chiropractic Center.

Preparing for Your Work Injury Doctor Appointment

While preparing for your work injury doctor appointment doesn’t actually include any physical requirements (apart from wearing non-restrictive clothing), it does require you to provide an important body of detail so we can get to the heart of your problem as quickly and accurately as possible. The first step, of course, is scheduling the appointment. As soon as you’ve officially reported your injury to your employer, you’ll want to contact us and get this appointment underway as quickly as possible — not only so we can start helping you feel better, but also to demonstrate for your workers compensation case that you actively sought immediate medical help from a qualified primary care provider. You’ll be asked to fill out an intake questionnaire that includes a variety of questions about your injury and symptoms, including:

  • The date and circumstances of the injury (or in chronic cases, the date you first noticed the symptoms)
  • The types of symptoms you’re experiencing (pain, throbbing, swelling, limited function, tingling, numbness etc.)
  • The location(s) of your symptoms

Additionally, you’ll need to tell us about your family history, medical history, current medications, and any other treatment you may be undergoing. Fortunately, we’ve made all this much quicker and easier for patients by including downloadable versions of the forms right here on our website. Feel free to fill these forms out in the convenience of your own home, and you’ll spend less time in our waiting room!

Examination and Diagnosis

Once our worker’s comp doctor has assimilated this data, it’s time to perform a detail examinations. This is our chance to verify your symptoms and look for any other signs of musculoskeletal and/or neurological impairment that may be related to your injury. Joint misalignment and soft tissue strain can often occur in a mutual cause-and-effect cycle, with each influencing the other. Visual inspection, palpation of the injury site, X-rays and other diagnostic techniques may be used.

Treatment and Case Building

After determining the exact nature of your injury, our worker’s compensation doctor can proceed to treatment right there and then if you’re suffering from acute pain or other symptoms. We will devise a comprehensive, holistic treatment plan that may include:

Chiropractic adjustments to return misaligned joints to their correct position

Massage therapy to relieve soft tissue pain, stop muscle spasms and boost circulation for faster healing

Nutritional counseling to help you maximize your body’s healing powers (while minimizing inflammation)

In-office physical rehabilitation exercises to help you regain the use of the injured body part

Every phase of your treatment will be painstakingly documented by our trained staff — a critical factor in helping to ensure approval for your worker’s compensation case, or in providing solid grounds for appealing a rejected case. Unlike most chiropractic clinics, our worker’s comp doctor has nearly three decades of experience in navigating the sometimes-tricky waters of workers compensation legislation. We will also work closely with your legal representation to provide them with every piece of information they may need to use on your behalf.

Schedule Your Appointment With Our Workers Compensation Doctor Today

Now that have a clearer idea of what to expect when you come to Midwest Chiropractic Center for the first time, make that first time as soon possible. Call us to schedule your initial appointment!

Is this your very first on-the-job injury? What happened?

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