Whether you’re in agony from a severe, acute back injury from a warehouse accident or suffer from a debilitating soft tissue inflammation such as carpal tunnel syndrome, an injury produced by your work can make your job extraordinarily difficult or even impossible to perform. This is a crisis, not only for your wage-earning ability but also in terms of your overall comfort, function and quality of life. Medical work injury treatment methods such as surgery or drugs can lengthen your recuperation or interfere with your ability to do the work, but you have to have the documented proof of your condition and treatment to file a successful workers compensation claim. Fortunately, Midwest Chiropractic Center can both help you heal and help you put your best foot forward with workers comp.

Common Workplace Injuries

Work injuries may occur in one painful instant or over a long period of time. Overextension of the neck or back muscles can cause acute muscle strains and ligament sprains, while workers who drive for a living may sustain whiplash, lumbar vertebral subluxation, sciatica and other painful injuries in an on-the-job collision. But even if you have a “safe” job sitting in an office, you can still be subjected to chronic musculoskeletal strain. Examples of chronic workplace injuries include:

  • Back strain or neck strain caused by awkward work postures, such as the nagging pain of “text neck” among users of mobile devices or too-low computer monitors
  • Pinched nerves that may radiate pain, numbness, tingling and other symptoms to the upper or lower extremities
  • Tendonitis of the shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist or other joints due to chronic overuse
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, a debilitating compression of the median nerve due to inflammation of the tissues in the wrist (typically related to long hours of typing, writing or mousing under non-ergonomic conditions)

Even the most low-impact job can produce acute injuries as well as chronic ones. A few drops of water on a break-room floor are sufficient to produce a devastating slip-and-fall injury.

Our Columbus Workers Comp Doctor Can Help You Feel Better — and Make Your Case

As in every other state except for Texas, Ohio requires employers to carry workers compensation coverage. as long as you’re an employee (as opposed to, say, a sole proprietor or a partner in an LLC), you’re entitled to financial remuneration for your medical care, lost wages and related losses. Unfortunately, it’s quite possible for a workers comp claim to be denied, often due to improper or incomplete work injury treatment or medical documentation. Make sure you report your injury to the appropriate supervisor immediately to get the incident on the record — and then make an appointment with our workers comp doctor.

Dr. Manz will evaluate your musculoskeletal and/or neurological symptoms with the utmost precision, using sophisticated diagnostics to record an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Since a work injury chiropractor is one of the primary care providers recognized by Ohio workers compensation law, the complete, detailed documents we make of your injury, workers comp treatment and progress will all go toward establishing and strengthening your case.

Of course, financial compensation is a critical benefit of receiving workers comp treatment. But the physical benefits you receive from our safe, natural methods may matter even more to you — especially since the faster you heal, the faster you can go back to earning a steady living. Our combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, rehabilitation exercises and other personalized treatments can correct your musculoskeletal alignment, get joints working normally again, relieve nerve compression, and help muscles heal more quickly and with less pain. Our work injury chiropractor’s non-invasive methods mean there’s no post-operative downtime to worry about, and our drug-free approach to pain relief allows you to return to work with a clear head and sharp reflexes.

Schedule Workers Comp Treatment in Columbus OH

Don’t let a workplace injury wreck both both your health and your finances. Call Midwest Chiropractic Center at 614-847-9667 to schedule expert workers comp treatment in Columbus OH!

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